American King- $1000 Funded

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American King SuccessWe are thrilled to say that our first project at HMWV has been successfully funded! We’ll be posting a new project the first week of July, so stay tuned!

From Chris Weagel’s first project has been an amazing success. In less than 5 days, over $1000 was raised for the first month of editing/post-production on American King, our new documentary series about Garrett Lambert. American King will begin the week of July 18, 2006, in the Tuesday Featured Series slot at Human Dog. Thanks to all who donated, I cannot stress how grateful I am.

((Here’s what happened to last year’s garden:
Exhibit A - Exhibit B))

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Thanks to All Who Contributed

1. Markus Sandy
2. Ryanne Hodson
3. Michael Verdi
4. Andreas Haugstrup
5. Jan McLaughlin
6. Michael Isdes
7. William S. Streeter
8. Susan Kirkpatrick
9. Peter Van Dijck
10. Richard Hall
11. Josh Leo
12. Duncan Speakman
13. Nathanial Freitas
14. Erik Visser
15. Chuck Olsen
16. Kevin Buckstiegel
17. Trine Bjørkmann Berry
18. Mark Loftis
19. Ted Tagami
20. Daniell Krawczyk
21. Eddie Codel
22. Donald Willis
23. Tore Norderud
24. Mike Hudack
25. Joshua Paul
26. David Meade
27. Dina Kaplan
28. Daniel Mollenkamp
29. Jay Cole
30. Brandon Bedaw
31. David Seger
32. Monika Lyman
33. Michael Schaap
34. Justin Johnson
35. Alicia Shay
36. Randolfe Wicker
37. Scott Moore
38. Carol Weagel
39. Miss Bekah Havens
40. Steve Garfield
41. John Rainbow
42. Jon Wedd
43. Jena Holt
44. Casey McKinnon
45. Kath O’Donnell
46. Sharon Faulk
47. Paul Knight
48. Freeman Murray
49. Benjamin Haberek
50. Holmes Wilson
51. Will Luers
52. Jay Dedman

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