Ashley Hodson-The Sustainable Route

The Sustainable Route

What do you mean, sustainable?
Good question. The Sustainable Route will document the continuing exploration of the ’sustainable’ movement. Megan and I are recent Bennington College graduates with self-designed degrees in Visual Arts and Environmental Studies. We decided to take a road trip and visit different places around the country where average people are grappling with pending doom; ie global climate change, increasing populations, peak oil, threats to biodiversity, etc. There is a lot to chew on these days when it comes to making simple decisions. Where is our food coming from, how do we get electricity, what is the impact of our lifestyles on the world around us? What are average people, like ourselves, doing in their communities to define and work towards ’sustainability’?

Come with us as we travel along and seek out the crest of this green wave!
Go to to add suggestions of projects and places to visit.
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We Support This Project:
First, we love Ashley because she’s Ryanne’s sister. She has been doing great vlogging work since 2005 (Common Courtesy vlog). Not only has she been creating, she teaches and inspires others around her (Rusted Gate vlog, Make A Difference vlog) We also love her project: drive around the country for 4 months(!) and make a video exploring every place she visits. Suggestions of sustainable projects to visit will be coming straight from the community. At the end, we’ll have an awesome scrapbook of what sustainablity looks like through individuals living and working in the United States. A portion of the money raised will be donated to a carbon offset program, like, in order to help reduce the ecological footprint her traveling will create.

Deliverables 1 Video per Location
Timeline Sept-Dec 2006
Purpose Food, Gas, Lodging
Amount $2000
Recipient Ashley Hodson
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$ 2150 raised
to date!!


» nathan freitas $ 10
» andrea $ 10
» Luke O'Neill $ 100
» Laurie Bloom $ 200
» Nicholas $ 50
» Maurice Pigaht $ 10
» Eddie Codel $ 20
» Shane Tobin $ 15
» Jena Holt $ 50
» John Leeke $ 20
» eric klotz $ 20
» Brian Evans $ 30
» Ryanne $ 50
» daniel liss $ 20
» Tyler Suchman $ 20
» Markus $ 65
» Naomi Ture $ 10
» Serra $ 30
» Enric $ 10
» Ethan $ 40
» freeman $ 40
» Chris Ritke $ 20
» Kate Weigel $ 20
» Josh Nagle $ 50
» kath $ 10
» irina slutsky $ 20
» david tatlock $ 1000
» Peter $ N/A
» Evan $ 10
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» Andreas Haugstrup $ 20
» Verdi $ 20
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48 Responses to “Ashley Hodson-The Sustainable Route”

  1. Ashley Hodson Says:

    First off, this is really exciting. MY name is Ashley Hodson as well. I live in Colstrip Montana. I have spent the last five years looking to see if there is another Ashley Hodson in the world, and I have FINALLY found you!!!! This makes me unbelievably happy! I think your trip is going to be great!!! Have lots of fun!!

  2. Teri Hirss Says:

    You’ll have a guardian angel riding with you. Have fun.

  3. Devlon Says:

    Nice to see this project funded so quickly. Have a good trip.

  4. $ 10

    nathan freitas Says:

    oops, well, here’s my little bit, even though you’ve already made it to your goal!

  5. $ 10

    andrea Says:

    I’m throwing down a little bit as much as this post college grad can. I think this is awesome and I hope to see you on your road trip.

  6. pending

    rob parrish Says:

    Have fun out there.

  7. $ 100

    Luke O'Neill Says:

    Congratulations on reaching your goal. Hopefully, this extra bit will make the road a little smoother.

    Your friend,


  8. $ 200

    Laurie Bloom Says:

    Rashley Rules! Love from Dad and Laurie

  9. $ 50

    Nicholas Says:

    good luck!

  10. not disclosed

    anonymous pledge Says:

    We welcome your visit to the Broadened Horizons Organic (Teaching) Farm

  11. $ 10

    Maurice Pigaht Says:

    Now THIS is a project that I can identify with. What would be REALLY cool of course, would be if you could take your tour beyond the borders of the USA (like to Latin America). But hey, I guess we need to start somewhere.
    Greetings from Rwanda.

  12. jibber jabber: the eddie underworld » Have Money Will Vlog Says:

    […] This third project is called The Sustainable Route and is the brainchild of Ashley Hodson. Ashley wants to drive around the country and find out from regular people how they are engaging in sustainable practices. This really is awesome because there are a lot of people out there living sustainably in ways that most people have never heard of, much less engaged in. […]

  13. $ 20

    Eddie Codel Says:

    rad! i look fwd to seeing what happens.

  14. $ 15

    Shane Tobin Says:

    good luck!

  15. $ 50

    Jena Holt Says:

    Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy!

  16. not disclosed

    anonymous pledge Says:

    COME see us at Broadened Horizons Organic Teaching Farm

  17. $ 20

    John Leeke Says:

    Maintaining and caring for older and historic buildings preserves all the energy used to make and build them. This “embodied energy” is wasted when older buildings are ripped down and new buildings are put up in their place. The value of embodied energy is seldom calculated into the “teardown” decission.

    Could you please take note of older buildings and their condition throughout your travels and report back to us on this issue?

    John Leeke,
    American Preservationeer

  18. $ 20

    eric klotz Says:

    Less talk more do. Thats what I like to see!

  19. $ 30

    Brian Evans Says:

  20. $ 50

    Ryanne Says:

    Good Luck Ash Bash! I have a million suggestions on places I think you should visit, but i’ll put them on the Sustainable Route discussion page! Love!

  21. $ 40

    Markus Says:

    This is a awesome project idea. You go!

  22. $ 20

    daniel liss Says:


  23. $ 20

    Tyler Suchman Says:

    Might I suggest Terrapass as an interesting company to check out. Good luck and I look forward to seeing the progress.

  24. $ 25

    Markus Says:

    Third time’s a charm?!?

  25. $ 10

    Naomi Ture Says:

    Love the idea of a roadtrip for discovery, and love the idea of letting artists survive being artists through havemoneywillvlog. Interested in who you’ll meet and what you’ll come across in uncovering what sustainability in this country is!

  26. $ 30

    Serra Says:

    YEs! I’m so freakin excited about this… Go nuts! don’t forget to go to the permaculture class at Evergreen… and all sorts of other crap. i gotta compile suggestions for you sometime soon.

  27. $ 10

    Enric Says:

    For me the issue is diversity. The important resource area of diversity is fuel. Why is there a predominance of oil for transportation fuel. Transportation largely operates from the mono-fuel of oil. Even electrical cars are charged from oil burning power plants. This is a basic problem that needs to be solved and relates to all the major political problems challenging the U.S. and much of the world.

  28. $ 20

    sull Says:

    mo money.

  29. $ 40

    Ethan Says:

    You can do it Alpha Bear, we believe!

  30. $ 40

    freeman Says:

    have fun !!

  31. $ 20

    Chris Ritke Says:

    Cool stuff!

  32. $ 20

    Kate Weigel Says:

    Can’t wait to see the vlogs! Have fun!

  33. $ 50

    Josh Nagle Says:

    Peace and Chow,
    Chow and Peace…

  34. $ 10

    kath Says:

    looking forward to the results. I have no idea what Americans think of sustainability so it’ll be interesting to see what comes out of the community. good luck with the project!

  35. Markus Says:

    I tried to donate but got errors (see email to HMWV group for techncal details).

    This is a new donation plug-in, so if you have any problems or feedback, please let us know.

  36. Markus Says:

    If you get a chance, be sure to stop by the Center for Regenerative Design at the College of Marin in California. They have a vlog at Best of luck!

  37. $ 20

    irina slutsky Says:

    i’m glad someone wants to be serious but i’m glad it’s not me

  38. $ 1000

    david tatlock Says:

    good luck ashley!

  39. not disclosed

    Peter Says:

    can’t wait for this to get started.

  40. $ 10

    Evan Says:

    Good luck.

  41. $ 10

    chrisweagel Says:


  42. $ 20

    Andreas Haugstrup Says:

    Rock on!

  43. Winifred Coffman Says:

    Good luck. I hope you get all the money which will make this successful. And, maybe you can also use this with the Govt. in some way or maybe sell it to 60 minutes or one of those shows. Do I send the check to you or does it go through Pay Pal?

  44. Jan Says:

    Road trip to road trip here’s wishing you the best of luck!

  45. $ 20

    Verdi Says:

    This is a great project that I would’t mind doing myself. It’s cool that you’ll go do this for us all.

  46. $ 10

    boaz Says:

    This is an incredible opportunity to blur the lines between social issue documentary and the Vlog. At first I thought your vlogging was a tad self indulgent. Well, it is. But I see this as an important aspect in your project. Your gonna tell real peoples stories and your a real person.So good luck and video love

  47. $ 10

    sull Says:

    let’s get this show on the road ;)

  48. $ 30

    Jay Says:

    I think funding this project is a no brainer. I always wonder if all this “sustainable” talk is all just hippie crap. Show me if this stuff is real. I want to see faces and real things happening.