Maria Gomez-Colombia Migration Project

Colombia Migration Project

Economic crisis and globalization are putting unprecedented pressure on the lives of people in Colombia. Ten percent of the population have emigrated, many to the United States. Maria Gomez, a Colombian resident of New York City, has begun a video documentary project interviewing other Colombian people affected by this period of social upheaval and change.

Maria, who is trained in ethnographic data collection for anthropological research, has already interviewed many in the Colombian immigrant community of New York. She needs financial backing for a 4 month trip through Colombia gathering the stories of those still waiting to make the journey North.

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A note from Maria’s HMWV Advocate, Dave Huth:
Maria has valuable personal connections with this subject matter, and she’s very good at the kind of interviewing a project like this requires. She’s passionate about doing well, and I’m excited to see it be a success. This is a chance to document and distribute the voices of people dramatically affected by complex social forces.

Deliverables 1 Video per week for 16 weeks
Timeline Nov 06-Feb 07
Purpose Travel, Expenses, Editing
Amount $2100
Recipient Maria Gomez
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$ 2100 raised
to date!!


» anon $ 20
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68 Responses to “Maria Gomez-Colombia Migration Project”

  1. Autumn Says:

    Hi Maria,

    I am also a graduate student. I am finishing my MA in Clinical psychology. Currently, I am working with a family that is half Mexican and have Columbian, and there are some issues with culture and ethnicity that have become apparent. If you wouldn’t mind sharing some of your findings on Columbian culture with me I would be very appreciative. I thiink understanding the culture and the cultural differences better may be very useful in therapy.

    Thank you,


  2. $ 78.05

    Adam Jochum Says:

    On the $. :) Good luck, have fun!

  3. $ 30

    roadjunky Says:


  4. $ 40

    Raymond M. Kristiansen Says:

    This is a really important project, and I look forward to seeing the videos. I hope that there will also be done a lot of PR about this project so that others working in this field / academic area can learn about some of the practices here. Good luck, we will follow the development :)

  5. $ 100

    carlos pareja Says:


  6. $ 100

    Alicia Shay Says:

    hey, good luck with this! — a

  7. $ 34.95

    Licensure Exams Says:

    If the HUTHster involved, it’s gotta be important!

  8. $ 25

    Kary Rogers Says:

    buena suerte

  9. $ 10

    kath Says:

    thanks for the reminder - was on holidays and offline. sounds like a great project - good luck with it! looking forward to seeing the videos.

  10. We Are The Media : Help Maria Make Amazing Video Series: 5 days left! Says:

    […] Maria Gomez is the latest candidate for Have Money Will Vlog, an innovative project to fund innovative vlog projects. Maria is in the midst of producing a documuntary on migrants to the USA, future and past, from her native Columbia, and the pressures that have driven over 10 percent of Columbia’s citizens to migrate from that country. Maria has already intereviewed many Colombian immigrants in New York City, and now she wants to take a 4 month trip back to Colombia to gather stories of those still waiting to migrate north. This is just the kind of innovative media that deserves our support. If you want to help Maria reach her goal of telling these migration stories, go to Have Money Will Vlog and help her fund this project. Share and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  11. not disclosed

    Christine Says:

    Hey all donators so far—if we all give another $10-$12 we can meet reach the goal!

    Best wishes, Maria.


  12. $ 50

    bottomunion Says:

    looking forward to the videos.

  13. $ 27

    Gena Says:

    Almost there, keep the faith.
    Bon Voyage!

  14. $ 20

    anonymous pledge Says:

    I think it is beautiful to use your gifts and the things you are passionate about in this way. Thank you for sharing stories with us.

  15. $ 60

    hilde-erik-evelien-brent Says:

    good luck

  16. not disclosed

    leslie Says:

    an amazing project! best of luck.

  17. $ 20

    Ethan Says:

    thank you.

  18. not disclosed

    anonymous pledge Says:

    do it

  19. not disclosed

    anonymous pledge Says:

    good luck!

  20. $ 25

    freeman Says:


  21. $ 10

    Jan Says:

    Got a paycheck :)

  22. not disclosed

    Christine Says:

    I will spread the word…

  23. pending

    fillie en evelyne Says:

    we snappen er nie al te veul van mor GOOD LUCK !!!!!!

  24. SpreadTheMedia - blog o'sull Says:

    The Colombian Connection…

    Our latest vlog proposal over at is making good progress and currently at 67% funded.
    Please toss $10 in to push the proposal to completion and help get this project going. It feels good to help this kind of media live and to spr…

  25. $ 10

    sull Says:

    just tossing in another $10

    (woops, typo…. trying again.)

  26. sull Says:

    just tossing in another $10

  27. $ 30

    Clara Sierra Says:

    Muchas felicitaciones, muchos exitos, es un proyecto muy interesante!!

  28. $ 15

    Mike Ambs Says:

    Good luck!!

  29. not disclosed

    anonymous pledge Says:

    (good luck)

  30. $ 25

    Louis Rosenfeld Says:

    Good luck with the project Maria!

  31. $ 20

    Brittany Says:

    One of the coolest ideas yet! Rock n’ roll Maria. Best of luck.

  32. $ 100

    Dave Toole Says:

    Keep the projects coming, they are very valuable

  33. $ 10

    Melanie Swan Says:

    A wonderful example of vlogging and social finance / crowd sourcing!! It is easy to understand your project and its value, and develop trust by seeing your commitment in your introduction vide.

  34. $ 100

    Daniel Says:

    Looking forward to watching this!

  35. Peter Van Dijck’s Guide to Ease » Blog Archive » Digital Influence Mapping Project: Get Involved in the Video Storytelling Says:

    […] You can donate here, we’re almost halfway! […]

  36. $ 50

    John Bell Says:

    Go maria, go. having recently watched “Our Brand is Crisis” (doc on Columbian elections), I am curious to what degree the economic situation within the country is affected by the historical legacy of “distrust” with surrounding countries (Chile?). Columbia lost its coastline back when, now cannot export natural gas without collaborating witha a neighbor, etc and so forth….

  37. not disclosed

    Ferd Eggan Says:

    Good project.

  38. $ 10

    Paola Says:

    Hey, Maria
    No veo la hora del resultado final!!!! Suerte querida

  39. $ 20

    Steve Says:

    Good luck!

  40. $ 30

    Liz Henry Says:

    I’ll definitely watch your series - great idea.

  41. not disclosed

    anonymous pledge Says:

    Looks like an interesting project.

  42. loadedpun Says:

    Maria Gomez-Colombia Migration Project…

    With three funded videoblogging projects under it’s belt, HaveMoneyWillVlog is sponsoring another project:
    Economic crisis and globalization are putting unprecedented pressure on the lives of people in Colombia. Ten percent of the population have…

  43. $ 25

    Melanie Morgan Says:

    All the best! Can’t wait to see the outcome of this project.

  44. $ 20

    Elisa Camahort Says:

    Look forward to seeing the fruits of these labors.

  45. $ 10

    Richard Hall Says:

    Sounds like an interesting and important project!

  46. Freevlog » Colombia Migration Project Says:

    […] This is the new project over at Have Money Will Vlog. Maria’s project is another great example of how videoblogging can attempt to bridge the gap between cultures. We fully support this project and hope you will too by going over there and throwing her a dime! […]

  47. $ 10

    anonymous pledge Says:

    Please see me:

  48. $ 100

    anonymous pledge Says:

    Anonymous donation..

  49. $ 30

    Tara Hunt Says:

    Good luck!

  50. $ 28

    Jen Simmons Says:

    This is an excellent project! Exactly what I hope videoblogging / video podcasting will be!!! I only wish I could give more…

  51. $ 10

    nathan freitas Says:

    let’s keep the great HMWV train goin. safe travels and can’t wait hear the stories.

  52. $ 20

    Tyler Suchman Says:

    People Powered Media! Great project, looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor.

  53. $ 10

    anonymous pledge Says:

    See the truth at

  54. $ 10

    sull Says:

    I’m confident that this will be an enlightening project for me and others.

    Here is a small pledge for now. If needed, I will add more funds later.


  55. $ 10

    Jan Says:

    Another Road Trip! How can I not support this worthy project. Valla con Dios, chica. Valla con Dios.

  56. $ 100

    Robert Desideri Says:

    Un saludo y suerte con el proyecto.

  57. $ 20

    Kent & Jen Says:

    Very much looking forward to how your background in “ethnographic data collection for anthropological research” will inform this videoblog series. Sounds like these two fields have a lot to learn from each other.

  58. not disclosed

    Jen Says:

    Good luck–I think this is an amazing project.

  59. $ 20

    Verdi Says:

    Good luck Maria. This is going to be cool, I’ve never been to Columbia.

  60. Colombia Migration Project » Blog Archive » Ahora puedes donar dinero para este proyecto! Says:

    […] Si quieres ayudar a hacer realidad este proyecto, haz una donación aqui. Tambien envia a tus amigos y conocidos:) […]

  61. Colombia Migration Project » Blog Archive » The fundraising site is up Says:

    […] If you want to help make this project happen, go donate something here. Or send your friends there […]

  62. $ 20

    Dave H. Says:

    Online video is a chance to bring other voices to the table. I believe in Maria’s project to widen the conversation. Together, a community of people can build a broad, independent base of support for her work. Thanks for contributing!

  63. $ 50

    Andreas Haugstrup Says:

    Good luck. I can’t wait to see the videos.

  64. Peter Van Dijck’s Guide to Ease » Blog Archive » Have Money Will Vlog » Blog Archive » Maria Gomez-Colombia Migration Project Says:

    […] Donate a small amount here now, this project really deserves it: Colombia Migration Project […]

  65. not disclosed

    Peter Van Dijck Says:

    Good luck with the project!

  66. $ 100

    Markus Sandy Says:

    This is a wonderful opportunity to help get a better understanding of peoples’ motivations for making major changes in their lives. I look forward to seeing the results of this project. Thanks for taking this on.

  67. $ 30

    Ryanne Says:

    I can’t wait to see more interviews! Go Maria!

  68. $ 30

    Jay Says:

    This is a great example of what we can do with videoblogging. Beyond the tech!