Colombia Migration Project - $2100 Funded

October 22nd, 2006

A note from Maria’s HMWV Advocate, Dave Huth:
As Maria’s advocate for this round of funding through Have Money Will Vlog, I’m amazed and proud of what can be accomplished by aggregated support from a network of regular people. Maria’s independent documentary project has been funded by the people who believe it’s interesting and important. Nobody had to drain their bank account. Nobody had to cut any deals with a corporation. And those of us tired of wasting money on an endlessly disappointing monthly cable bill have found another way to make personal media happen. THANK YOU to everyone who donated! Keep your eye on the videoblogging projects we promote through this site. We think you’ll find other ways to support the ongoing transformation of the world’s media conversation.

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Maria Gomez-Colombia Migration Project

September 17th, 2006

Colombia Migration Project
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Economic crisis and globalization are putting unprecedented pressure on the lives of people in Colombia. Ten percent of the population have emigrated, many to the United States. Maria Gomez, a Colombian resident of New York City, has begun a video documentary project interviewing other Colombian people affected by this period of social upheaval and change.

Maria, who is trained in ethnographic data collection for anthropological research, has already interviewed many in the Colombian immigrant community of New York. She needs financial backing for a 4 month trip through Colombia gathering the stories of those still waiting to make the journey North.

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A note from Maria’s HMWV Advocate, Dave Huth:
Maria has valuable personal connections with this subject matter, and she’s very good at the kind of interviewing a project like this requires. She’s passionate about doing well, and I’m excited to see it be a success. This is a chance to document and distribute the voices of people dramatically affected by complex social forces.

Deliverables 1 Video per week for 16 weeks
Timeline Nov 06-Feb 07
Purpose Travel, Expenses, Editing
Amount $2100
Recipient Maria Gomez