Lost In Light Project - $1540 Funded

November 12th, 2006

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A note from Markus Sandy, Lost In Light’s advocate:
Thanks to so many for this wonderful showing of community support. I know that the Lost In Light website will be a great resource for many. Please continue to show your support for this great project by telling your friends and family with 8mm film stocks to look into this great service when it starts up next year. In the meantime, visit the site and watch the content grow as Jennifer Proctor, Arron Valdez and others contribute content around small gauge film-making. Remember 8mm? It’s alive and well at Lost In Light.

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Lost In Light

October 23rd, 2006

Lost In Light
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This is a project about the 8mm film format. But 8mm is dead, you say? On the contrary! Not only is the format alive with innovation by filmmakers around the world, but hours and hours of Super 8 and regular 8mm film exist in attics and basements the world over—as home movies, educational films, works of art—that is slowly fading from the historical record.

We’re here to preserve that record before these films are lost, and to make those films available for viewing by the public and for use by artists seeking new, compelling footage. Lost in Light is a project devoted to preserving, showcasing, and celebrating films created on the small-gauge 8mm film format.

To that end, we will provide free Super 8 and 8mm to video transfers to anyone who asks, in exchange for posting their video to the Lost in Light site and on the Internet Archive with their choice of Creative
Commons licenses. In addition, Lost in Light will include articles and features by members of the filmmaking and film preservation communities, video tutorials for making 8mm films, as well as creative work, all with the goal of preserving and championing this important film format.

The site will have a soft launch with some content as soon as funding is available, with a full, hard launch set for January 2007.

Join us on this exciting visual journey through time and creativity!

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A note from Markus Sandy, Lost In Light’s advocate:
I recently came across some old amusement park footage. It was a joy to discover. As a child, I had played at that very same seaside fun zone. The video triggered the recollection of so many memories that had somehow become buried over time. Without these archives, I can’t imagine how I would have ever recalled so many important details. It was truly a wonderful and astounding experience.

When Jen Proctor and Aaron Valdez first proposed their Lost In Light project, I immediately fell in love with the idea. Perhaps it’s because much of my own childhood was captured on 8MM. Perhaps it is the voyeuristic thrill of experiencing “other people’s memories” and a sense of “time travel”. Perhaps it is the community aspects around film preservation.

I just know that I love it and hope you will support this fine project that aims to both educate and preserve.

Deliverables Approx. 1 video/wk for 1 year
Timeline Soft launch immediately,
hard launch with full content
in January 2007.
Purpose To provide an interactive
archive of small-gauge
film for viewing,
reappropriating, remixing,
learning, and study.
Amount $1500
Recipients Jennifer Proctor &
Aaron Valdez