Sustainable Route- $2000 Funded

August 24th, 2006

Sustainable Route Funded!
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We are thrilled to say that The Sustainable Route was funded in the record time of 8 days! Ashley and Megan will be hitting the road on the second to last weekend in September to attend the Common Ground Fair in Unity, Maine. Check out and Subscribe to keep track of their 4 month tour of sustainable projects throughout the USA. Leave Suggestions on the Discussion Page and Check out the Wiki of places already suggested. Did you miss out on donating? Throw Ashley and Megan a dime through the Paypal button on their sidebar. Thanks to all who donated!

Ashley Hodson-The Sustainable Route

August 13th, 2006

The Sustainable Route
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What do you mean, sustainable?
Good question. The Sustainable Route will document the continuing exploration of the ’sustainable’ movement. Megan and I are recent Bennington College graduates with self-designed degrees in Visual Arts and Environmental Studies. We decided to take a road trip and visit different places around the country where average people are grappling with pending doom; ie global climate change, increasing populations, peak oil, threats to biodiversity, etc. There is a lot to chew on these days when it comes to making simple decisions. Where is our food coming from, how do we get electricity, what is the impact of our lifestyles on the world around us? What are average people, like ourselves, doing in their communities to define and work towards ’sustainability’?

Come with us as we travel along and seek out the crest of this green wave!
Go to to add suggestions of projects and places to visit.
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We Support This Project:
First, we love Ashley because she’s Ryanne’s sister. She has been doing great vlogging work since 2005 (Common Courtesy vlog). Not only has she been creating, she teaches and inspires others around her (Rusted Gate vlog, Make A Difference vlog) We also love her project: drive around the country for 4 months(!) and make a video exploring every place she visits. Suggestions of sustainable projects to visit will be coming straight from the community. At the end, we’ll have an awesome scrapbook of what sustainablity looks like through individuals living and working in the United States. A portion of the money raised will be donated to a carbon offset program, like, in order to help reduce the ecological footprint her traveling will create.

Deliverables 1 Video per Location
Timeline Sept-Dec 2006
Purpose Food, Gas, Lodging
Amount $2000
Recipient Ashley Hodson