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We are extremely excited to support Daniel Liss of pouringdown.tv for his project: "Seven Maps". Daniel found videoblogging while doing commercial video work and went crazy; he just picked it up and ran with it. Here are some great examples of his work: Begin Here, Theory: Practice, and Decision Machine. We want to help fund a game between Daniel Liss and you. We, the community, will raise money AND tell him how to use it. Daniel is willing to take a risk and make videos in any location. Please donate to the project and then contribute your ideas to the Seven Maps Wiki. To avoid chaos five filters/representatives have been chosen to sort through and consolidate these ideas (see explanation below). We think this project has the potential to invigorate the community into active and creative collaboration.

pouringdown: Seven MapsFrom Daniel
Chance. Games. Rules. Challenges. Interactivity. Community. Collaboration.
I’d like to push where I’m going with my work on pouringdown. And I’ve had this idea that I could push my process publicly. I will make seven videos. In the spirit of letting go of the reigns somewhat, the starting point of each of these videos will be a challenge put forth by the contributors to this project. The challenges (or ideas, or restrictions, or rules) can be geographical, social, aesthetic - they can be really anything. The idea is to try to create conditions that could make me think differently - make me create differently. Once a video is posted, the ideas can start coming in for the next. Ideally, each video will lead to the challenges of the next, building momentum and weight over the course of the seven. There will be five human filters sifting through the feedback that comes in, distilling down the challenges for each consecutive piece. They’ll then present them to me. And I’m off again, running. And so on - for seven videos that could take me anywhere. And the idea is that you’ll be right there with me for all of this. Click Here to watch Daniel’s Pitch.

Seven Maps Wiki: Project Ideas Go Here

Seven Maps Vlog: Where the Videos Will Live

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  1. Freevlog » pouringdown: Seven Maps Says:

    […] So during the month of July we’ll be brainstorming ideas for the project and working to raise $2000 to fund it. Then in August, Daniel will go off to make seven videos with the community guiding him via the five filters. This is going to be a KICK-ASS project. So read more about it on Have Money Will Vlog, subscribe to the Seven Maps videoblog, and donate a few bucks. Share and Enjoy:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  2. MICHAEL VERDI : pouringdown: Seven Maps Says:

    […] Read more about the project on Have Money Will Vlog. Subscribe to Seven Maps. And donate some cash! […]

  3. Devlon Says:

    This was a fantastic project.

  4. MICHAEL VERDI : Connected Thoughts Says:

    […] Anyway, once he compared Daniel Liss and me to flowers and just yesterday I was chatting with Daniel for a moment because he saw that my iChat away message said I was listening to Liz Phair’s song “Fuck and Run” just like I am right now. Daniel once wrote a screenplay based on the song. Maybe one day he’ll get the money to make that film the same way he got the money for Seven Maps. I’d go see it - I’ll watch anything he makes. […]